Jordi Torras

I have worked in Artificial Intelligence for almost twenty years and believe in its power. Now I help companies and founders make AI work effectively for their businesses and products.

About me

Nice to meet you!

Welcome to the world of AI innovation.

I've been an AI entrepreneur for nearly two decades, and I am passionate about the transformative potential of artificial intelligence. I advise a range of companies and founders on how to make the best use of AI in their businesses or products.

Helping business and enterpreneurs

Let's talk and explore the endless opportunities of AI.

If you are a potential user of AI products or a founder looking to incorporate AI into your product, I'd be happy to help you think through the issues and possibilities.

My story

It is the story of a serial AI entrepreneur.

Most recently, I founded Inbenta, a global leader in AI using natural language processing, and took the company to a successful exit in 2022 after multiple funding rounds with leading VC firms in the US.

More stuff

Work hard and play hard!

I have an AI and Computer Science degree from the University of Barcelona (UAB) and an MBA with the Euro*MBA consortium. I split my time between the US and Europe.

Fun fact: I play bass guitar in a blues band!



As a strategic part of your team, me and my team will help you with analysis, development, and integration to ensure your AI project is successful.


We will train your teams on Generative AI and all the use cases where it can be applied, so your organization will be self-sufficient and ready to innovate in record time.

Project Management

We will coordinate tasks, manage risks, help you allocate resources, and ensure effective internal communication from the initial use-case definition to successful project completion in production.


Our implementation service ensures seamless integration of AI solutions into your infrastructure, leveraging our expertise for efficient execution and minimal disruption.


Craft a robust AI strategy aligned with your business goals, leveraging our deep industry insights and collaborative approach to drive innovaton with ROI.

Follow up

Ensure ongoing support and optimization for your AI initiatives with our comprehensive follow-up service, keeping your projects aligned with evolving business needs.

Make AI work for you

Empower your vision with our expertise. Me and my team specialize in turning concepts into reality, delivering tailored solutions that redefine what's possible. Let's unlock the full potential of AI. Effectively.

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