Interview with Tyler Merritt, CTO of UneeQ, Innovators in Digital Human Technology

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In this fascinating episode, we interview Tyler Merritt, Chief Technology Officer at UneeQ. We discussed the fascinating world of digital humans and the technology behind creating hyper-realistic AI interactions. Tyler shares insights on overcoming technical challenges, the importance of emotional connections in AI, and successful use cases of digital humans in the industry. He also provides a glimpse into the future of AI, emphasizing the role of AI in everyday life and its potential in space exploration. This episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in the future of conversational AI and digital human technology.

Summarized Interview Transcript:

Jordi: Hello, everybody, and welcome to the Torras AI Podcast. Today we have Tyler Merritt, Chief Technology Officer at UneeQ. Tyler, thank you so much for being with us tonight.

Tyler: Thank you for having me, Jordi. It's great to be here.

Jordi: Absolutely. So tell me, as the CTO of UneeQ, what do you do? What is your main mission there and what do you guys do?

Tyler: UneeQ creates digital humans, which are a specific discipline within the larger umbrella of avatar technology. We use CGI techniques from the video game and Hollywood industries, not deep fakes. Our focus is on human appearance, creating hyper-real but clearly AI interactions to build trust and confidence.

Jordi: How do you make AI more human?

Tyler: Artistic talent plays a huge role. Our team of artists works to make digital humans look natural without crossing into the Uncanny Valley. This involves detailed work on facial expressions and movements to ensure users feel comfortable and engaged in the interaction.

Jordi: What are the technical challenges you had to overcome to develop UneeQ?

Tyler: One of the main challenges is synchronizing lip movements with speech in real-time. We use a 3D point cloud data technique, similar to autonomous driving, to animate facial points. This allows us to create real-time interactions with less computational power than neural GAN techniques.

Jordi: Can you share some successful use cases on how customers use digital humans?

Tyler: One of our successful partnerships is with Deutsche Telekom. They deployed a digital human on their customer-facing portal, resulting in a 500% increase in conversions and higher average revenue per user. Another use case is Sephora where a digital human could help customers navigate complex products, improving their shopping experience.

Jordi: How do you see the future of AI?

Tyler: In the near term, we'll see more conversational AI experiences, such as chat interfaces and voice assistants. In the long term, AI will play a significant role in robotics and 3D environments. AI will help with tasks like space exploration and providing emotional support to humans in isolated environments. Overall, AI will continue to integrate into our daily lives, improving quality and consistency in various interactions.

Jordi: That's fascinating. For the audience that would like to learn more or contact you, I'm assuming UneeQ.com is where they can find you?

Tyler: Yes, UneeQ.com should redirect to our actual website, DigitalHumans.com. You can also find me on LinkedIn.

Jordi: Thank you so much for being here with us tonight.

Tyler: Thank you, Jordi.

Jordi: And for the rest of the audience, get ready. We have a very special guest in our next episode of Torras.ai Podcast. Have a wonderful rest of your day!

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