Enhancing Customer Service with AI: An Insightful Conversation with Callvu's Ori Faran

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We interview today Ori Faran, the CEO and co-founder of Callvu. Ori shares insights into how Callvu revolutionizes customer experiences through digital self-service and form automation. He also discusses the integration and evolution of AI technologies in their services, highlighting the balance between innovative solutions and user experience. Tune in to discover the future of AI in customer service and how Callvu is at the forefront of this transformation.

Summarized Transcript

Jordi: Hello everyone and welcome to our next episode of Torras AI. I'm so glad today to be presenting you Ori Faran. Ori Faran is the CEO and co-founder at Callvu, a groundbreaking company based in San Francisco that specializes in digitally transforming customer experiences. Ori also holds a PhD in business administration specializing in customer engagement. So I'll call him Dr. Faran! So Dr. Faran, thank you so much for being here with us today.

Ori: Thanks so much for having me. Absolutely.

Jordi: So would you tell us a little bit about Callvu?

Ori: Callvu started 12 years ago when phones started growing screens. As a person that worked for the customer service industry in a company that manufactured IVRs (interactive voice response), I thought that we could maybe use that screen to project some of these service calls, thus creating visual IVR. So a technology that allows the person who is calling to hear the voice menus and also see them on the screens. The company then grew a lot more, creating additional customer service-related technologies, as well as no-code development technologies. And nowadays, as this podcast focuses on, uses indeed AI to improve that.

Jordi: Absolutely. That's amazing. So how do you define digital self-service?

Ori: Digital self-service can enjoy both AI bots and traditional methods like clicking buttons. We combine the two for a better user experience. Our micro journeys are built in a way that are a few options, then a few other options. For example, enrolling into an insurance policy, you can use a chat AI-based bot to communicate with a knowledge base. We combine AI and traditional methods to improve the customer experience.

Jordi: Got it. That makes a lot of sense. What do you guys do in form and process automation?

Ori: Forms can look like PDFs or wizards, or even be bot conversations. We eliminate unrelated questions and pre-fill information when possible. Forms development is easy with no-code technology, making it accessible for large and small organizations. The data collected is integrated into the organization's CRM or database, streamlining the process.

Jordi: That makes a lot of sense. Transforming that into a wizard that intelligently walks through the process is a game changer. So, how was Callvu using AI before and after ChatGPT?

Ori: Before, we didn't use AI much and focused on digital solutions without bots. Now, we embrace AI for tasks like renewing payment methods, scanning documents, and extracting data. AI is integrated into our no-code platform, enhancing user experience while maintaining simplicity and security.

Jordi: I love how you define Callvu as a user experience company. What are the main advantages for customers and users of this vision?

Ori: We aim to balance innovation with customer needs, providing both AI and human interaction. This approach creates a bond with customers, ensuring they feel supported. Our vision is to offer the most innovative solutions while maintaining a human touch.

Jordi: That makes a lot of sense. So Ori, what are your visions for the future when it comes to AI?

Ori: AI advancements are accelerating across industries, making processes quicker and more effective. The challenge is ensuring the accuracy and trustworthiness of AI-generated information. We need to adopt AI while remaining effective and avoiding overreliance on technology.

Jordi: How can our audience contact Callvu and you?

Ori: Callvu is www.Callvu.com. I'm Ori Faran on LinkedIn. Happy to connect and learn from anyone!

Jordi: Awesome. Thank you so much for being here today, Ori. And for the audience, you heard that. Callvu.com. Ori Faran is on LinkedIn. Be ready for the next episode of the Torras AI podcast. Have a wonderful day.

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